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Monday, January 23, 2012

Anonymous after Facebook, again ?

 Here it is, several months later after the story of the hacker group Anonymous hacking, or blocking facebook going viral, and I am once again starting to see stories arise out of the internet, of the grop going after facebook again. I do not even remember, back in the beginning of Nov 2011, if they were ever succesful in blocking or hacking facebook. Anyone remember the outcome of that story ?
 You have to wonder, for what reason would the hacker group go after Facebook in the first place, when it is comprised of the so called 1% in the first place, and are the main users, what purpose it would serve. If the group Anonymous (capitalized out of fear) really wanted to make a difference, maybe it could hack the Facebook servers, and give everyone free access to the paid services, instead of ultimately hurting the very people it is trying to protect. Yes, Facebook does sell your information to data mining services, that is how it generates revenue. Most people at this point know that going in though. So how would you expect an entity as big as Facebook to pay for all the services, that are free for us to use. Remember, it is a FREE service after all. I dont think that I am SO important, that i really have to worry about terrorists, the Government (same thing, depending on your angle) or hackers to find my information so important, that they are clammering over one another to get to my poor credit rating in the first place.
 Now if they were to take my pics and crop nude bodies to my head, that would be something else.


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