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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Finally Saturday

 What a nice day it has turned out to be so far. Got to sleep in, cuddle up with my sweets, and just got out of the shower, feeling great and refreshed. I plan on doing very little today, other than posting to my Blog a bit, and maybe some housework. I also may play on the radio a bit, but hope that I dont get sucked into an all day thing with it.
 I also have another antenna I need to put back up, if time allows. The 80M dipole came down int he last storm we had, but it is still intact, just need to shoot some line up in the tree, and pull the antenna back up mainly, no big deal. Then I can start doing some Morse code (CW) on 80M at night again, and making worldwide contacts on that band in the evenings afer the other bands shut down for the night.
 Also hope to make some more contacts with the SKCC (Straight Key Century Club) group this weekend. They are an excellent group, that help to promote morse code, and keep it active on the ham bands. They are very active, and their is always someone on, to make a new contact with. They have over 5K members worldwide, so every country is represented.
 Thats about it here. I may, or may not, be blogging some more this weekend, as I dont want to get stuck in work mode all weekend, and it is very easy for me to lose track of time when I am working on this. Have a great weekend

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  1. :D You did pretty good there my love... I love to wake up to you and get that extra cuddle in... A good start to my Saturday...It was such a sunny day BUT SO cold today...
    I hope to make this a good weekend for you and with you.