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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Turning lemons into lemonade

 here i sit, pondering all the different aspects of my life, and I cant help but wonder if turning bad things, such as character flaws, into good things, could be considered a god given gift. i have never been a bible thumper, by any means. i honestly believe that somewhere along the line, we the people got something seriously wrong. I am not saying that i am an atheist, just that I am not sure who or what the correct way to god may be. That is a subject best suited for it's OWN article.

 What I am talking about here, is character flaws. Such as my Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, which i use to my advantage as much as possible. I have the ability to stick my head into something, and just absolutely go NUTS with it. Do I whine, and cry, thinking that I need medication and years of psychological counseling, or do i just go with the flow. I like to tackle things, and will not give up until I have figured out some way to solve the problem.

 Lately i have been writing a lot of articles over at Street-Articles, a site that allows you to publish articles, and give you exposure, while getting your articles into the search engines, all for free. it is a great service, that you can use to be seen, and found through the different search engines. I have one article on their that continues to be rejected, even though at one time it was approved. At first, i was pissed, thinking that if they accepted it once, they surely should accept it again.  After butting heads with the moderators, and reposting the article twice a day, now my articles are being looked at almost right away, as before it would take at least 24 hours. So, turning lemons into lemonade, I now get my articles looked at and either accepted or rejected within the hour. if you look at it that way, it is a good thing. So now, from this point forward, whenever I submit an article, it should only take an hour or more to be accepted, and put out their for the world to see. How great is that.

 What I am saying here, is that if you have character flaws, whatever they may be, try to find a way to use them to your advantage, and see what becomes of it.
 Thanks for reading, Theron.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Finally Saturday

 What a nice day it has turned out to be so far. Got to sleep in, cuddle up with my sweets, and just got out of the shower, feeling great and refreshed. I plan on doing very little today, other than posting to my Blog a bit, and maybe some housework. I also may play on the radio a bit, but hope that I dont get sucked into an all day thing with it.
 I also have another antenna I need to put back up, if time allows. The 80M dipole came down int he last storm we had, but it is still intact, just need to shoot some line up in the tree, and pull the antenna back up mainly, no big deal. Then I can start doing some Morse code (CW) on 80M at night again, and making worldwide contacts on that band in the evenings afer the other bands shut down for the night.
 Also hope to make some more contacts with the SKCC (Straight Key Century Club) group this weekend. They are an excellent group, that help to promote morse code, and keep it active on the ham bands. They are very active, and their is always someone on, to make a new contact with. They have over 5K members worldwide, so every country is represented.
 Thats about it here. I may, or may not, be blogging some more this weekend, as I dont want to get stuck in work mode all weekend, and it is very easy for me to lose track of time when I am working on this. Have a great weekend

Thursday, February 2, 2012

In the office: eBids

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New advertisers

Well,, after much head scratching, and personal turmoil, I have made the decision to switch to Commision Junction, for my advertisements. I will also be switching over to Godaddy's amazing web hosting rates soon, and moving away from BlogSpot.
 Thanks for reading.

In the office: money making methods

In the office: money making methods: Hello again, and thank you for reading this. In my last blog, i had mentioned inboxdollars and sendearnings , as online survey sites. One ...

pursuit of online happiness

 As we pursue our on-line careers, looking at each offer with scrutiny, and wondering if this time, the offer could possibly be legitimate, the levels of frustration can become increasingly over the top. It is unbelievable, just how good an offer can seem at first glance. So i thought, i would offer a few tidbits of information that may or may not help as you look at each offer.

1. if the offer seem's to good to be true, it probably is. As I have scoured the Internet, looking at a lot of these, the first thing I always look at, is the amount of money that can be made. If the offer is anything more than 20-50 a week, it is probably a scam.

2. Buy my amazing wealth generating method to generate revenue. Come on, really ? If they are offering to sell you their plan, then that is probably how they generated income in the first place, by selling you and others their surefire plan to make money. People always want to believe in pipe dreams, and are will to drop 19.95 for a sure and easy way. More than likely, it is a scam.

3. One note, about Wealthy Affiliates. Even though it is a very expensive group to be a part of, if you search around the Internet, you can find most of their techniques, and follow the methods they use, to start generating a small income. So far the methods I have tried work, although I am not a part of their group, and I have not made as much as if I were part, and had access to all the resources available to members.

4. On-line surveys. Most of the on-line survey sites require you to sign up for offers, and use your credit/ debit card to complete the offers, which you then cancel a few days later. You have to be extremely careful though, because if you miss a deadline, you get charged the full price for the item. Sites such as inboxPays use this method. I don't agree with this method, and choose not to use it, although if you keep good records, and watch the offers, you can actually generate money that way. I use inboxdollars and sendearnings exclusively, and although I only make a part-time income (30-60 a day), they are legitimate sites. I read read all the emails, complete the surveys and do the tasks, which if your smart, you can power through pretty quickly.

 Well, that is all I have for today, hope that helps, and if you find anything that you fell would be interesting to look at, or want me to research for you, be sure to drop me a note.

 Thanks for reading, Theron

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

In the office: making money online

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