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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Police on the hunt for local BankRobber

Police are developing sketches from witness today, for a bank robbery that occured Monday morning at KeyBank in Sequim WA. More information here at:

Peninsula Daily News

Included on the site from Peninsula daily news, is a sketch of the alleged bank Robber.

New Apple Iphone's

What is there that could possibly be said about the new apple devices that are on the market now, that hasnt already been said ?

This is really, a very attractive device, and easy to use, with compatability with all the popular device's that are out their.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Theron At Work: Only cash surveys

Theron At Work: Only cash surveys: Well, here it is two weeks later, and I am still waiting for to credit me for the surveys i did. I see that one was ...

Only cash surveys

Well, here it is two weeks later, and I am still waiting for to credit me for the surveys i did. I see that one was disqualified for invalid data already. No explanation, no email, nothing. Just "invalid data" on my list of my work.

I have to say that this is a bit frustrating, and at this point I will not be doing any more work for them until I am credited for the work i did. I have also seriously thought about closing my account with them, after I reach the $20.00 minimum limit, and just call the rest that i earned a loss, and spend the rest of my days bad mouthing them in every media that i have available.
I was really excited when i first did these surveys, and made so much in so little time. Now I am beginning to wonder if it was worth my hour of time to do their surveys. They say that their is no such thing as free money, and if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. There ya go

a few of my favorite things.

I have to say, that i was a bit surprised to find a few of my favorite Bloggers about ham radio, were actually followiing MY Blog as well. How cool is that. Even though this site is dedicated to my online experience in different methods of making money online, it would seem that ham radio is still creeping into all my
What can i say ,I love ham radio. it is such a big part of my life, and something that I really enjoy.
Be sure to check out my Ham Radio blog

over at Blogspot as well, and thanks for reading, Theron

leaving Comments

Ya know, it suddenly occured to me, that maybe, just maybe, the reason why nobody was leaving a post, was because they weren't sure just HOW to do it. If you look at the bottom of the comment box, you will see a little dropdown menu there.

You can select an email address, or just choose "Anonymous" option, and leave your name in the comment, unless you just dont want me to know who ya are. Either way is fine.
I am looking forward to the readers comments, and any suggestions to make this a better Blog.
Thanks for reading, theron

W7DTG: 10M propagation, and the F'n atmosphere

W7DTG: 10M propagation, and the F'n atmosphere: Well, it looks like all the propagation has settled a bit on 10 meters recently. Over the weekend, it was a hot bed of activity, working in...

Theron At Work: Page hit's.

Theron At Work: Page hit's.: Been working at getting my page count up all morning, here at the old homestead. I have noticed that as long as I am actively spamming my li...

Page hit's.

Been working at getting my page count up all morning, here at the old homestead. I have noticed that as long as I am actively spamming my link everywhere, i can drive the page count up really fast. The prblem seems top be, that once I stop, the page count drops to almost zero. And when i stop for the day, im lucky to get a hit every five hours. Even though i have been leaving comments on every Blog i can find on a particular subject.
So, I am ask those people who actually DO read this Blog, to help out by sharing the link when possible, without spamming to much. Also, any comments on what you would like to see in this space, what i can do to improve things, and how to improve this Blog would be highly appreciated.
Thanks for reading, Theron

10M activity

For my fellow ham radio operator readers, I wrote about the 10M activity over at my other Blog W7DTG. Be sure to check it out. Thanks for reading, Theron

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Online survey site

This is an update to my quest to find the perfect survey site, where you can actually make money.

I have been doing online survey's for several months now. Out of the thousands that are available, i have come across three that i have found to be worthwhile. The first is:

InboxDollars: This site has been alright with me so far. They have been straightforward, and I have actually made a few bucks using the different methods to make money. So far I have made close to $100 dollar's, for just a few minutes a day, doing their surveys, and clicking on the paid-emails. If you do decide to try this site, i would suggest setting up a new email account somewhere, instead of using your regular email. You can then use that email for the paid emails, and signing up for the different offers that are available through this site. The site URL is: If you use this link, it gives me credit for sponsoring you, so if you are truly interested, give it a try. i can also answer any question's you may have.

SendEarnings: Same as inboxdollars. See above.

OnlyCashSurveys: This site is still puzzling me. I have been able to make over $20.00 on this site, in a short amount of time. The problem is qualifying for the survey's, and getting paid. I sat down and made over $20.00 in abt an hours time, on the 15th and 16th of September, and I am still waiting for most of them to be approved. My current balance is at $18.00, and you have to earn at least 20 to cash out. So here I sit 12 days later, still waiting to cash out on the pending surveys. I guess they are waiting for approval from the sponsor. Still very frustrating.
the site can be found at:
You can also view my article over at Streetarticles, where i cover more topic's.
Well, thats about where i am at, in this crazy online world. i am also looking at other methods as well. I will keep you posted. Thanks for reading, Theron

FaceBook and GooglePlus

it's funny, up until just a week or so ago, i was extremely happy with the way FaceBook worked. Sure, there were litle pet peeves, but overall it was a good experience.
Now, for some unknown reason, facebook has decided to change almost its entire layout, adding unwanted features, and making things different, once again. why do they have to mess with a working format ? Remember the old saying "if it aint broke, dont fix it". Apparently somewhere along the line facebook missed that post.
As a result of facebooks current changes, I find myself looking more at GooglePlus. I dont like the layout of GP jut yet, find it a little confusing, and yet i keep trying to like it. is it because I am fed up with FB, or just wanting to try something new.
The other thing I have to consider, is that lately I have been delving into the Affiliate Marketing arena, and Social networking is a big part of that. As I drive more people to this site (Thank you, BTW), I become more visible on the internet. As i become more visible, I start generating revenue. This has been an uphill struggle, but i am slowly getting out there.
I guess, i am going to just wait it out, and stomp my feet and whine, until I cant stand FaceBook anymore. I hear their are even more changes on the way, which i dont like the sounds of. In the meantime, I will familiarize myself with GooglePlus, and keep on plugging away. Thanks for readin, Theron

Monday, September 26, 2011

Invalid Adclicks

 Ok, who's the wise guy that has been clicking the ad's on my Blog ? Just got a notice that invalid clicking was going on, and my Adsense account was disabled, which is why you are not seeing any Ad's on my Blog right at the moment.
 These ad's are a sense of revenue for me, and by doing so, you are taking food out of my family's mouth. Dont make me get NASA after you, just stop it, unless you find something that you are truly interested in.
 Thanks for reading, Theron

Aurora watch in effect for higher latitudes

 With all the recent solar activity effecting our planet (just ask NASA), we have the chance, for the first time in a long time, to see the aurora here in WA state. At this latitude, we are usually just on the fringe area of seeing it, most of the time missing out. When the K index gets between 7 to 9, that is when we have the best chance of spotting strange things in the skies. The ancient indian's blamed it on the Peyote, but we now know, in this day and age, that it is the effect of CME (Coronal Mass Ejections) from our closest star, the sun. This time, the sun has ejaculated a biggin, and it is coming straight at us. I dont know if NASA has found the satellite just yet, but the aurora should aid in finding it, causing a big nite-lite for them to help in spotting the damn thing. Ya just have to wonder, at god's creation's at times, and even though we may think we know why these things happen, in reality we dont. Sure, we can explain away that the sun is just a big ball of gas, and it is constantly bombarding us with it's love juice, but how the heck did it get their in the first place ? And what caused the atmosphere, that protects us from these sun-butt-particles, as well as hold air in so that we can smoke our cigarettes when we need a breath of fresh air ?
 Only the shadow knows....NASA sure dont.

bad satellite

Ok Mr Million dollar, UARS satellite, come on out now. We know your out there somewhere hiding from us.
So really, just where is this stupid satellite hiding. I think that the Canadians got ahold of it, and our making them into dentures to be smuggled back across the border into the states, by our senior citizens. Just watch for the old lady who's head is glowing when you go thru a tunnel, or turn the lights off.
I have been scouring the internet, looking for one tidbit of information as to what could have happened to this darn satellite, that fell from the sky, and the news stories are hiding as well. So wjhat the heck DID happen to this thing, and why is it that we cant find the satellite, and we cant find any news stories on why we cant find the satellite. i cant find any news stories that claim that the stellite was found either. Ok, actually their was that guy up in Alberta who CLAIMED to have found peices of it, but it still hasnt been confirmed.
So, NASA has not only built a MultiMillion satellite to study the chemicals in our upper atmospher, but the also aded a "stealth" mode to the device as well. Kudos to NASA, for the 6 and a half ton satellite moving at 500 miles per a second, in stealth mode....mmKKKK
Over at street articles, this article says it all.
Thanks for reading, Theron

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Propagation, and ham radio

Today, the propagation on 10M was SO good, I stuck my butt out the window and got Chile...

Theron At Work: SEO tools website

Theron At Work: SEO tools website

SEO tools website

Found this really graet site, with some awesome tools on it, over at
Be sure to give them a look when you get a few minutes. Theron

Theron At Work: The Eagle has landed

Theron At Work: The Eagle has landed: Well, after much nail biting, and gallons of sweaty palms, the satellite has finally landed in Alberta canada. I reckon that is just what th...

Theron At Work: Some site statistics

Theron At Work: Some site statistics: Good afternoon, I hope that you have been enjoying your Sunday, as much as I have. We have had a whole range of weather conditions here, fro...

Some site statistics

Good afternoon, I hope that you have been enjoying your Sunday, as much as I have. We have had a whole range of weather conditions here, from Cloudy to Sunny, and then pouring down rain. What a beautiful part of the country we live in up here in NW WA state. Nothing like it anywhere else.
I know, I promised no more articles until Monday, but just had to share this with you. I was looking at some of the statistics from my Blog here at blogspot, and wanted to share the different browser and operating systems statistics that were hitting my site.
As you can clearly see, their is a wide range of browsers hitting my site, the most prevailent seems to be Firefox. Way to go Firefox. I can not promote this browser enough. What better way to topple the Evil Empire known as
Here, I see that most people are still suing Windows (USING, SUING, same thing) (Blech) to hit my site. if it wasnt for the fact that I am trying to gain popularity, i would ban MS from my web page completly. Oh well, dont shoot the messenger, Right ?
I guess that begger's cant be choosers, so i should be grateful that someone is reading this besides me. So, kudos to all who read this simple Blog, and be sure to tell all your friends about my simple minded ramblings. Theron

P.S. BTW, who is the smart aleck that is using an Android ?



More info here at

Shortwave America: QSL Cards From Shortwave DX Blog

See the article over at Theronatwork

More info here

10M and the BIG whole in the sky

Was truly amazed this weekend, by the amount of propagation on 10M, and the way the signals are coming in. No more E-layer stuff for 10M, it is all F-layer bounces, with the SFI up to 190.
The atmosphere, as we understand it, are made up of several layers, the highest being the F-layer. the F-layer is made up of two layers, being F1 and F2. Usuall on 10M we bounce signals off of the E-layer, called Sporadic-E. As you can imagine, you never know when their will be enough iionization in the E-layer to allow for propagation, which is why it is called "Sporadic-E". The last few days, with all the SOlar activity that has been happening, the F layers have been Ionized enough, to allow frequencies up to 28-29MHZ to bounce off of this layer. When this happens, contacts across the polar cap, into Europe are easily accomplished.
Ok, enough of the technical stuff. The last few days, I have been hearing and working stations into Europe, as well as into Asia, S pacific and Indian Ocean, all on 10M.
Does all this activity signal the end of the world in 2012 ? I dont know, but if the world has to end, I cant think of any better way than to be sending morse code, working some exotic station, and a big smile on my face. More info here at

Friday, September 23, 2011

The Eagle has landed

Well, after much nail biting, and gallons of sweaty palms, the satellite has finally landed in Alberta Canada. I reckon that is just what they deserve, after greendays tribute a few years back. I cant think of a more deserving country, other than the obvious choices of Middle Eastern countries that were at the top of the list. I still think that we could salvage it with a few hundred yards of rubber bands, and a large tree, as we send it back to the Middle east, where their are a large group of people that are more deserving.
Wow, that almost sounded like profiling, or racism on a small scale (My blog isnt that big yet), but after the last decades events, one cant help but have an underlying hatred for Muslim's. As much as i try to convince myself, that 99% of muslim people, are human beings just like me, trying to survive in this crazy world, that nagging little hermit in the back of my head reminds me of the twin towers that used to be the World trade center.
Oh well, i can rest easy now, knowing that the darn 6 and a half ton satellite, traveling at 500 miles per a second, on a crash course with earth, has finally landed.
im sure that the scientist will swear up and down that they knew what was happening the whole time, and blame all of this fiasco on global warming somehow. More info here
So, who won the bet on the Irish polls ?

Coor's light and Anti-deppresant's

In this country, the pharmaceutical industries have been making a killing on Prescriptions, while the country goes deeper and deeper into debt. My solution is simple. A 6 pack of Coor's light costs around 7 dollar's a 6 pack, way cheaper than any anti-depressant out there on the market. Most of the alcoholics and drug abuser's in this country have been found to have some sort of chemical imbalance in their brain. By using drugs and alcohol, they are using a method called "self-medicating". What they are doing is slowing the brain down in order to think properly. I know, first hand that this works quite well, being an alcoholic myself, for many many years. You are able to reach a point where the alcohol makes you feel normal. When you dont have alcohol or drug's, you feel abnormal.
The pharmaceutical companies have been creating brain malfunctions for years now, and you have to wonder how we ever survived before this bombardment of drugs on the market were available. Sure, the quality of life has skyrocketed in the last 100 years, but this was during an era of no warning labels, and people still managed to survive. We live in a society of no accountability, and almost a faceless villian, with no boundaries. If Coor's were to market there light beer as an anti-deppresant, who would be their to stop them. WOuld we then have to lower the drinking age, and have the government medical aide paying for prescriptions. Where does it all stop ? More info here at

Linux users and crazy blondes

Looking at my statistics page, and see a sharp decline in Linux users on the pie graph. So, where theheck are all you linux users out there hiding at ? Their has to be someone using linux out there, besides me right ?
i also see a sharp incline of Firefox users. Kudo's to you, for not adhering to the evil empire known as MS (really?)
Im hearing gunshot's now, so either the neighbors are drinking again, or someone didnt like my article on the satellite. Either way, the windows are going to be boarded up tonite, as a precautionary measure, just to be safe. Unnless the satellite takes out the trailer, i will be posting more on Monday, as i have invested a lot of time into this project, and need a few days off to spend with my crazy blonde haired girlfreind, commonly known as Teri, although she has other nicknames..hehehe
Speaking of crazy Blondes, just wanted to give Teri a shout out, for her inspiration, motivation and self control for not strangling me yet. She is such a sweetheart, and spends most of her day figuring out ways to make me happy. i am so grateful to have her in my life (no she isnt holding a gun to my head either), and consider myself a lucky man, and vow to do everything I can to make her life easier as well. So, here's to you Teri, my lover, my waitress, my chambermaid and my friend. Dont know where i would be today with your support.

NASA says DUCK!!!

Yowzer's Batman, we have a peice of space junk plummeting at us at incredible speeds, what shall we do ?
I was just reading about this article on some of my favorite news sites, and was baffled as to why, in this day and age, that it is more important to clear up the space junk, than the people of our country. We already know that we dont come first, as is evidenced by the Trillions of dollars that go out to Foreign aid, while we are losing jobs and our economy is falling, while we try to find creative and knew ways to screw people over (we're getting really good at it, by the way). But at least when our country is broke, we will have clear skies once again right ?
Astronomy Software!
This Satellite coming at us is some really scary stuff though. But dont worry, because the biggest peice only weighs in at 300 Lbs. Never mind the fact that it is moving at 5 miles per a second, and will probably be sort of hot, since it just blasted thru the atmosphere and all, and they are only estimating that around 26 peices of it will actually hit us. With those sort of odds, maybe its time to head to Vegas right ?
The UARS, or Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, was first launched by NASA (Not Another Stupid Acronym), in 1991 by the space shuttle Discovery. NASA shut it down in 2005 after lowering its orbit to hurry its demise. With a satellite-retrieval mission ruled out following the 2003 Columbia disaster, NASA did not want the satellite hanging around orbit posing a debris hazard.
Astronomy for beginners.!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

FaceBook changes

OMG, what the heck is up with FaceBook, and why the heck do they keep changing the site. They are fighting a battle with GooglePlus, on a platform that worked great, and GooglePlus was trying tlo strive for, only to change everything. They set the standards on Social Networking, creating a site that was free for all to use, and keep up with friends and family on a continuos basis, so why would they change from a Tuxedo into a pair of faded jeans, with a tag that know one has ever heard of ?
I have been reading rumours that GooglePlus is actually a product of The facebook creators, in a joint effort. I also find it interesting that, when you first sign up for FaceBook, Tom Anderson is the first friend listed in your friends list. Remember him ? Guess who showed up on GooglePlus when i signed up....
Interesting thoughts, from me to you.
Add likes to Facebook, to increase your market value.!
Beat Facebook addiction!

Ya have to wonder, just why Facebook, The leading Social networking onine site in the world, has suddenly decided to change the layout of their website, the same day that GooglePlus become available.They had the lead, they had the number, they even had the worlds attention, so just what possible reason could there have been. Is facebook really worried about the up and coming GooglePlus ? I see more and more posts on the FaceBook page about the changes they have made. And more people are getting frustrated with this. They tend to think that because they set the standards now in Social networking, which is true in a lot of aspects, they have to change things around every few months to make things better. What they are not realizing, is that they already were in the leading position to make and break the Social Networking market. Why change things that work already ?

Why all blonde haired women are crazy.

Just why all blonde haired women are crazy ? That is a question that man has been asking for generations. To tell the truth, Google informs me that it is a certain gene, made up in their DNA that causes the brain to produce less cells throught the developmental years.

Ok, I really dont know why, that all blonde haired women are crazy, but I bet that title really got your attention, and now that you continue to read every word that i type out here, I bet you can almost, just barely, hear the clacking of the keyboard as i enter each key, making more and more group of words, as I learn how to write better and better articles.

So, really, why do you continue to read this ? I know it cant be because I am some gifted writer, magically forming sentences as I type, that hypnotize you into doing things that you would otherwise not normally do (Bring beer). So just what is the reason ? is it because you are a friend of mine, that feels so bad for me, and my pathetic writing skills, that you feel obligated to continue reading ? I know that i seem to have just enough sense to hold the phone upright when I talk into it, and not upside down. I also figured out, all on my own, that when the keyboard is lying face down on the desk, it doesnt work very well, although very amusing to watch (Bring beer).

I have been babbling all day about this wonderful site that i found online, called wealthy affiliates, and going on and on and on (bring beer) about them, but the truth be told, they absolutley suck. They have brainwashed me, of all people, into beleiving that a dumb a** like me, could actually make money online using their simple methods. Well, so far, i have done everything listed in the tutorial, and have only made 3,500 bucks, which really sucks. Far from what was promised to me at the beginning, when i eagerly downloaded the material, bragging to all my friend that i was going to be the next internet millionaire, and someday buy facebook, just so i could legally wipe their servers, thereby taking over the world, in my evil plans (bring beer).

I hope you really didnt beleive that last paragraph. But really, why ARE you still reading this ? Dont you know i have no talent whatsoever, and am just babbling. Woooo, medicine time for theron, from the sounds of it. Maybe I should lay off the home made beer for a while, I think it may be creating fungi on my brain, and making my creative juices, maybe it IS the fungi that is actually writing this, and i am just an empty shell. Be sure to take a close look, when I drive by in my new lexus convertible (bring beer) or I may just have to run you down, dragging your dead corpse meat sack underneath, leaving a trail of blood and human excrement behind, as i turn on the hwy to my new home, up on the hill.(bring beer)

Over at theronatwork, on the blogspot website, I have been blogging my experience's with different methods. I have to say, that it has been a real learning experience for me, almost like having an online tutor looking over my shoulder, offering little tidbits of advice. I also have to mention that so far, the people over at Wealthy Affiliates seem like a really good group. They are extremely helpful, and offer lots of good suggestions, some for free. I just ran across another user of WA on a blog, and followed the link to his page, and found a lot of good advice, all for no cost, no sales pitch, nothing. This group is a must-see if you are truly interested in learning, and have the time to dedicate to their methods, and dont like filling out surveys. And they are Chock full of good information, to stimulate the brain, and get the creative juices flowing.

Thanks for reading this, Theron (make beer)

rejected article

Everything I learned in kindergarten, I know about writing, or, WTH is he talking about ?

Once upon a time, before scolars and smarter people than me, started writing about their thoughts and idea's, there once was a train of thought that a person was born with a certain talent,whatever that may be. From the time, in early childhood, when they picked up a pencil, quill or brush, everything that was spewed forth was golden, magically appearing on the pages as the mind flowed continously (A bit much?) with every ounce of golden text it could muster, until at the end, laying across the desk exhausted, chest heaving, mind swirling in a drunken stupor, they had created the perfect document.

But seriously, we have been brought up our entire lives, to believe this sort of idea, that somehow, as we stumble thru our day to day existence, that we will one day have an epiphany, and without any effort, find our talent, and start producing endless ideas and concepts and art, without any effort. isnt that tragic ?

I was having a discussion with my son Tony, just the other day about this very concept, and he had mentioned that he had not found his talent in life yet. I was astounded at the idea of this. As I thought back, I wondered myself, just what was my talent ? What was my calling ? I have many things that interest me, lots of things I enjoy, and yet, I had not cultivated any of them into a usable method of creating, that I could share with the world. I assume that this Blog is a result of that line of thought, so to pay credit where credit is due, I would have to thank tony for planting this idea, and helping me to find a creative outlet that i could use to express myself, and place my wrath upon the world, for future generations to scoff at, so THANKS A LOT TONY!!! But really.... As I sit back on this day, and wonder just what the heck I am going to write (Type) about today, that could possibly be useful to someone, somewhere, that conversation with my son came to mind, and I wondered, what a blog article about writing blog articles written as a blog article might look like. Ok redundency filter just went off on my computer.... As I though back on my life, I wondered just what was my talent, my purpose, my "gift" per se. I have always been good in the artistic sense, but never quite to the point that I created a masterpeice on the first run. But, had I really ever cultivated any of these talents, to really get good at one. I never was a child genius (insert big word here), although I was reading the newspaper by the time I hit Kindergarten (see the relevance to the title ?). I have always thought that maybe, for some unknown reason, I had missed the turnoff, and stumbled into the unknown, blowing brain cells out the open window all the way, like little silver bubbles, making delicate little popping sounds as they went thru.

Oh, just to change the subject, in that last paragraph i had placed a bracket reserved for a really big word, i think that word is "Prodigy", so go ahead and mark your spot, and insert it in their now. Go ahead, i will wait........

Ok, ya got it ? Good job, thank you.

I hate it when my mind wanders like that and i cant keep a straight thought in my head. it is really racing now, so i think the juices are starting to flow now. I could write about farts for a few paragraphs, if that helps, and would hold interest more. or how my buttocks seem to be getting flatter as I sit in this chair, typing all this out. Or we could do a survey on wether your poop floats or not. But really, what is the point to all this ?

The point is, just get out there, find something that works for you, and start doing it. You are never going to be good at anything until you start doing it, repetitively, over and over again, until your eyes cross. That is what I am doing, and the result is what your reading, so see, it works. Unless of course i'm getting worse at this. Off on another "Bunny trail(TM)"

You have to wonder

you have to wonder, really, just what is a true calling in this day and age ? As children, we are brought up to beleive that everyone has a talent, or calling, and that someday, when you least expect it, it will magically appear, and before you know it, you will be among the ranks of Presidents and other landmark citizens, all making their mark on society.
Ok, im still waiting, but any minute Abe Lincoln is going to drive up in his Cadillac (You didnt thing he would bu a Ford, did ya ?), jump thru the window using his Ninja-Prez mad skillZ, and slap me around a bit, before laughing evilly and humping my leg.
And yet, here I sit.....or here!, or maybe HERE

My Daughter, the Bratling

Here I am, trying to work on my marketing idea's, and I have this little fifteen year old brat talking my ear off. God I love her. It wouldnt be so bad, if she didnt have the television blaring in my ear at the same time. I may have to eventually creat an office of some sort, so that I can work in peace. Learn how to get that little brat under control...LOL
I love this stuff so far, it has been a lot of fun typing out my idea's, and thoughts on all of this. if you are reading this, then my work here is complete. Now if I could just get a television in my daughters room, life would be good.....Theron
Help for your out of control teen

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

OnCashSurvey website

Well, here we are on day number six, and I have yet to be credited for the twenty dollars I did in surveys the other day for this site. The last post was when I was up to eleven dollars, and now things have seemed to stop, and it would seem that they know that as soon as I am credited, I am going to cash out, so they are holding all my earnings, for awhile. real shame too, because I was able to do the twenty dollars worth of surveys in a little over an hour, and would really love to give them a good review, but not if this continues for another day or two. Very frustrating to know that I have over thirty bucks coming for 2 hours of work, and not be able to collect because the site is holding you up.

Wealthy affiliates redux D'oh

Ok, I am now implementing a plan here, and going step by step thru the process of making tons and tons of money (not really0 thru their marketing plan. i know you just have to be getting tired of all this drivel, but just bare with me, for just a few more days, and we can experience this together, thru online marketing, taking it one step at a time. i know, i know, that it isnt going to make me rich, and most of these sites are scams, but what if...what if, there was at least ONE site out their that was legitimate, where an honest guy could make a few extra dollars, without worrying wether or not he was going to lose his shirt ?
That is where this blog comes in. I hope to compile a reasonable list of sites where a person can make a few extra bucks, without worrying about losing their hard earned cash.
Click Here!
One of my favorites is still InboxDollars, as well as sendearnings, which are both owned by the same company. I also have a soft spot (besides the one on my head) for, although I have over twenty dollars worth of surveys that are still pending, after 6 days, and you cant pay-out until you reach at least twenty bucks. i am currently at eleven dollars, so once they are approved, i will ahve over thirty dollars that i made doing surveys. So far overall, the big winner here has been inboxdollars, where i have received two checks and close to getting a third.
Ok, thats all i have for now, thanks for reading, Theron

Wealthy affiliates redux

This is my mind bending dive into online surveys, marketing, and different ways to make money online. I hope that by creating this page, someone somewhere will eventually be able to find a reliable source of information for different methods of making money online, considering all the different sources of mis-information that are out their nowadays.
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Ok, i have been following the Wealthy Affiliates method of making money online, using Search Engine Optimization. After following their tutorial that I downloaded from their site, I have implemented all the suggestions that they offer. One thing I have noticed, is that their text editor is a real pissy butt, and whines about every little thing, including sentence structure. This is understandable of course, since you are writing a blog that should be readable to all viewers, but in the tutorial it mentions that you dont need any experience, and it doesnt matter wether you know how to write or not. After ten attempts to finally get my submission approved, I am now stuck in "pending" mode, regardless of the fact that the tutorial says that it only takes a few minutes. On the sight it mentions that it can take up to 24 hours. Very frustrating. i was hoping that I could get this process fairly quickly, but now it seems that this is not going to be the case.
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Another little pet peeve i have about this method so far, is that the instructions are a bit confusing. Now, granted, i am not at the genius level, or even a harvard graduate, but I do conssider myself to be fairly intelligent, although a bit scatter brained at times. For that reason, i had hoped that this was something tht even the average joe, like myself, could accomplish. So far, even though I have followed all the recomendations, it has been a workout. i guess that if I stick with it, overtime i will start seeing some sort of income coming from this, but when is anyones guess. I dont expect to gte rich from this by any means, just to be a source of income that I can use to pay a few bills. Again, you get out of it, what you put into it.
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What my opinion is so far on this subject, is that their is no such thing as free money. I have read the reviews of wealthy affiliates so far, and they were outstanding, as far as i could see. You get out of it what you put into it. I like the approach of being able to test the waters, with a marketing idea that you can try first to prove to yourself that it works, then join the site. That eases my mind to no end. I also like that fact that once you go thru the initial setup, you can reapply this method with minimal effort to start producing income, although I have yet to see this happen, but I am only on day number two, and just finished setting everything up. I will post again on this site as things progress, and hope to hav good results in the coming weeks.
Thanks for reading this, and good luck on all your ventures, Theron


I have been doing online survey sites now for several months, going thru the various methods, and survey sites, trying to find which are legitimate, and which ones are just after your money. I can say that out of hundreds I have looked at so far, only three survey sights have some thru at all. The first is:

InboxDollars: This site has a loooong waitin period before you can actually receive any money from them. waited almost 3 months to receive my first check. Once I did get my first payout, my status on the site changed to "Gold" member, and now I receive weekly payments from the. granted, it isnt a lot of money, but it buys smokes or gas when I need it. So far this month I have made a bit over 100 dollars from them, but the time spent seems like a lot. It definitly isnt an option unless you have no other work, or anything to do thru the day. I am currently working on my third payout from them. Their is also a 3 dollar fee to get paid out, if the amount earned is under 50 dollars. The one nice thing is that they credited three bucks to my account for being paid out. Strange but ok.

SendEarnings: This site is owned by the same people that do InboxDollars, so The rules apply to this one also. Wont make ya rich, but if you have the time to invest in it, you can make a few extra bucks a month.

OnlineSurveys: This site has a lot of surveys, although you will spend a lot of repetitive time qualifying for them. Also the payout is good, but it takes time for approval of your survey results once you have finished. This site offers PayPal as a payment method also, which the other two dont. It has been five days now, and I am still waiting for 20 dollars worth of surveys to be approved so i can payout, and will post more once I actually receive the money.

That is all i have for now, will post more later as I progress. i am also looking into Wealthy Affiliates, and will post more on that site when I learn more. Thanks for reading, Theron.

P.S. I aint rich yet either.......

Wealthy affiliates

 Ok, after doing much research for the past couple of days, I have decided to go ahead and give this method a try. i have created the Blog, sgned up for the streetarticles sight, started writing again, and done most of the required steps. Lets see the cash start rolling in now.
  I stumbled across wealthyaffiliates a couple of days ago, on a ssight dedicated to online scams, and came across this site. It had pretty good reviews, so I thought, what the heck  ? As long as i dont have to put any money out, or give bank information, why not give it an honest try. So that is what i will be doing today, giving it an honest try.
 I hope to report in the the next few days wether or not their method works. One thing that I did like, is that they let you download a PDF file, with step by step instructions, to show you one method of making money. Then, once you see that it works, you are encouraged to join their site, which gives even more methods to make money. I will let ya know f it actually works or not.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Online surveys

 This will be my site that I use to updates friends and family of the different on-line money making offers that are found on-line. I hope to keep a fairly current list here of different survey sites, as well as my findings as i go through the different money making ideas that are available on-line.
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