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Friday, September 23, 2011

The Eagle has landed

Well, after much nail biting, and gallons of sweaty palms, the satellite has finally landed in Alberta Canada. I reckon that is just what they deserve, after greendays tribute a few years back. I cant think of a more deserving country, other than the obvious choices of Middle Eastern countries that were at the top of the list. I still think that we could salvage it with a few hundred yards of rubber bands, and a large tree, as we send it back to the Middle east, where their are a large group of people that are more deserving.
Wow, that almost sounded like profiling, or racism on a small scale (My blog isnt that big yet), but after the last decades events, one cant help but have an underlying hatred for Muslim's. As much as i try to convince myself, that 99% of muslim people, are human beings just like me, trying to survive in this crazy world, that nagging little hermit in the back of my head reminds me of the twin towers that used to be the World trade center.
Oh well, i can rest easy now, knowing that the darn 6 and a half ton satellite, traveling at 500 miles per a second, on a crash course with earth, has finally landed.
im sure that the scientist will swear up and down that they knew what was happening the whole time, and blame all of this fiasco on global warming somehow. More info here
So, who won the bet on the Irish polls ?

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