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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why all blonde haired women are crazy.

Just why all blonde haired women are crazy ? That is a question that man has been asking for generations. To tell the truth, Google informs me that it is a certain gene, made up in their DNA that causes the brain to produce less cells throught the developmental years.

Ok, I really dont know why, that all blonde haired women are crazy, but I bet that title really got your attention, and now that you continue to read every word that i type out here, I bet you can almost, just barely, hear the clacking of the keyboard as i enter each key, making more and more group of words, as I learn how to write better and better articles.

So, really, why do you continue to read this ? I know it cant be because I am some gifted writer, magically forming sentences as I type, that hypnotize you into doing things that you would otherwise not normally do (Bring beer). So just what is the reason ? is it because you are a friend of mine, that feels so bad for me, and my pathetic writing skills, that you feel obligated to continue reading ? I know that i seem to have just enough sense to hold the phone upright when I talk into it, and not upside down. I also figured out, all on my own, that when the keyboard is lying face down on the desk, it doesnt work very well, although very amusing to watch (Bring beer).

I have been babbling all day about this wonderful site that i found online, called wealthy affiliates, and going on and on and on (bring beer) about them, but the truth be told, they absolutley suck. They have brainwashed me, of all people, into beleiving that a dumb a** like me, could actually make money online using their simple methods. Well, so far, i have done everything listed in the tutorial, and have only made 3,500 bucks, which really sucks. Far from what was promised to me at the beginning, when i eagerly downloaded the material, bragging to all my friend that i was going to be the next internet millionaire, and someday buy facebook, just so i could legally wipe their servers, thereby taking over the world, in my evil plans (bring beer).

I hope you really didnt beleive that last paragraph. But really, why ARE you still reading this ? Dont you know i have no talent whatsoever, and am just babbling. Woooo, medicine time for theron, from the sounds of it. Maybe I should lay off the home made beer for a while, I think it may be creating fungi on my brain, and making my creative juices, maybe it IS the fungi that is actually writing this, and i am just an empty shell. Be sure to take a close look, when I drive by in my new lexus convertible (bring beer) or I may just have to run you down, dragging your dead corpse meat sack underneath, leaving a trail of blood and human excrement behind, as i turn on the hwy to my new home, up on the hill.(bring beer)

Over at theronatwork, on the blogspot website, I have been blogging my experience's with different methods. I have to say, that it has been a real learning experience for me, almost like having an online tutor looking over my shoulder, offering little tidbits of advice. I also have to mention that so far, the people over at Wealthy Affiliates seem like a really good group. They are extremely helpful, and offer lots of good suggestions, some for free. I just ran across another user of WA on a blog, and followed the link to his page, and found a lot of good advice, all for no cost, no sales pitch, nothing. This group is a must-see if you are truly interested in learning, and have the time to dedicate to their methods, and dont like filling out surveys. And they are Chock full of good information, to stimulate the brain, and get the creative juices flowing.

Thanks for reading this, Theron (make beer)

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