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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I have been doing online survey sites now for several months, going thru the various methods, and survey sites, trying to find which are legitimate, and which ones are just after your money. I can say that out of hundreds I have looked at so far, only three survey sights have some thru at all. The first is:

InboxDollars: This site has a loooong waitin period before you can actually receive any money from them. waited almost 3 months to receive my first check. Once I did get my first payout, my status on the site changed to "Gold" member, and now I receive weekly payments from the. granted, it isnt a lot of money, but it buys smokes or gas when I need it. So far this month I have made a bit over 100 dollars from them, but the time spent seems like a lot. It definitly isnt an option unless you have no other work, or anything to do thru the day. I am currently working on my third payout from them. Their is also a 3 dollar fee to get paid out, if the amount earned is under 50 dollars. The one nice thing is that they credited three bucks to my account for being paid out. Strange but ok.

SendEarnings: This site is owned by the same people that do InboxDollars, so The rules apply to this one also. Wont make ya rich, but if you have the time to invest in it, you can make a few extra bucks a month.

OnlineSurveys: This site has a lot of surveys, although you will spend a lot of repetitive time qualifying for them. Also the payout is good, but it takes time for approval of your survey results once you have finished. This site offers PayPal as a payment method also, which the other two dont. It has been five days now, and I am still waiting for 20 dollars worth of surveys to be approved so i can payout, and will post more once I actually receive the money.

That is all i have for now, will post more later as I progress. i am also looking into Wealthy Affiliates, and will post more on that site when I learn more. Thanks for reading, Theron.

P.S. I aint rich yet either.......

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