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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wealthy affiliates redux

This is my mind bending dive into online surveys, marketing, and different ways to make money online. I hope that by creating this page, someone somewhere will eventually be able to find a reliable source of information for different methods of making money online, considering all the different sources of mis-information that are out their nowadays.
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Ok, i have been following the Wealthy Affiliates method of making money online, using Search Engine Optimization. After following their tutorial that I downloaded from their site, I have implemented all the suggestions that they offer. One thing I have noticed, is that their text editor is a real pissy butt, and whines about every little thing, including sentence structure. This is understandable of course, since you are writing a blog that should be readable to all viewers, but in the tutorial it mentions that you dont need any experience, and it doesnt matter wether you know how to write or not. After ten attempts to finally get my submission approved, I am now stuck in "pending" mode, regardless of the fact that the tutorial says that it only takes a few minutes. On the sight it mentions that it can take up to 24 hours. Very frustrating. i was hoping that I could get this process fairly quickly, but now it seems that this is not going to be the case.
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Another little pet peeve i have about this method so far, is that the instructions are a bit confusing. Now, granted, i am not at the genius level, or even a harvard graduate, but I do conssider myself to be fairly intelligent, although a bit scatter brained at times. For that reason, i had hoped that this was something tht even the average joe, like myself, could accomplish. So far, even though I have followed all the recomendations, it has been a workout. i guess that if I stick with it, overtime i will start seeing some sort of income coming from this, but when is anyones guess. I dont expect to gte rich from this by any means, just to be a source of income that I can use to pay a few bills. Again, you get out of it, what you put into it.
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What my opinion is so far on this subject, is that their is no such thing as free money. I have read the reviews of wealthy affiliates so far, and they were outstanding, as far as i could see. You get out of it what you put into it. I like the approach of being able to test the waters, with a marketing idea that you can try first to prove to yourself that it works, then join the site. That eases my mind to no end. I also like that fact that once you go thru the initial setup, you can reapply this method with minimal effort to start producing income, although I have yet to see this happen, but I am only on day number two, and just finished setting everything up. I will post again on this site as things progress, and hope to hav good results in the coming weeks.
Thanks for reading this, and good luck on all your ventures, Theron

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