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Monday, September 26, 2011

Aurora watch in effect for higher latitudes

 With all the recent solar activity effecting our planet (just ask NASA), we have the chance, for the first time in a long time, to see the aurora here in WA state. At this latitude, we are usually just on the fringe area of seeing it, most of the time missing out. When the K index gets between 7 to 9, that is when we have the best chance of spotting strange things in the skies. The ancient indian's blamed it on the Peyote, but we now know, in this day and age, that it is the effect of CME (Coronal Mass Ejections) from our closest star, the sun. This time, the sun has ejaculated a biggin, and it is coming straight at us. I dont know if NASA has found the satellite just yet, but the aurora should aid in finding it, causing a big nite-lite for them to help in spotting the damn thing. Ya just have to wonder, at god's creation's at times, and even though we may think we know why these things happen, in reality we dont. Sure, we can explain away that the sun is just a big ball of gas, and it is constantly bombarding us with it's love juice, but how the heck did it get their in the first place ? And what caused the atmosphere, that protects us from these sun-butt-particles, as well as hold air in so that we can smoke our cigarettes when we need a breath of fresh air ?
 Only the shadow knows....NASA sure dont.

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