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Friday, September 23, 2011

Linux users and crazy blondes

Looking at my statistics page, and see a sharp decline in Linux users on the pie graph. So, where theheck are all you linux users out there hiding at ? Their has to be someone using linux out there, besides me right ?
i also see a sharp incline of Firefox users. Kudo's to you, for not adhering to the evil empire known as MS (really?)
Im hearing gunshot's now, so either the neighbors are drinking again, or someone didnt like my article on the satellite. Either way, the windows are going to be boarded up tonite, as a precautionary measure, just to be safe. Unnless the satellite takes out the trailer, i will be posting more on Monday, as i have invested a lot of time into this project, and need a few days off to spend with my crazy blonde haired girlfreind, commonly known as Teri, although she has other nicknames..hehehe
Speaking of crazy Blondes, just wanted to give Teri a shout out, for her inspiration, motivation and self control for not strangling me yet. She is such a sweetheart, and spends most of her day figuring out ways to make me happy. i am so grateful to have her in my life (no she isnt holding a gun to my head either), and consider myself a lucky man, and vow to do everything I can to make her life easier as well. So, here's to you Teri, my lover, my waitress, my chambermaid and my friend. Dont know where i would be today with your support.

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  1. Thank you Theron..I DO love to make you happy...You are a blessing to me and I am "crazy" about you.... You make life fun, you make me laugh.