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Thursday, September 22, 2011

FaceBook changes

OMG, what the heck is up with FaceBook, and why the heck do they keep changing the site. They are fighting a battle with GooglePlus, on a platform that worked great, and GooglePlus was trying tlo strive for, only to change everything. They set the standards on Social Networking, creating a site that was free for all to use, and keep up with friends and family on a continuos basis, so why would they change from a Tuxedo into a pair of faded jeans, with a tag that know one has ever heard of ?
I have been reading rumours that GooglePlus is actually a product of The facebook creators, in a joint effort. I also find it interesting that, when you first sign up for FaceBook, Tom Anderson is the first friend listed in your friends list. Remember him ? Guess who showed up on GooglePlus when i signed up....
Interesting thoughts, from me to you.
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Ya have to wonder, just why Facebook, The leading Social networking onine site in the world, has suddenly decided to change the layout of their website, the same day that GooglePlus become available.They had the lead, they had the number, they even had the worlds attention, so just what possible reason could there have been. Is facebook really worried about the up and coming GooglePlus ? I see more and more posts on the FaceBook page about the changes they have made. And more people are getting frustrated with this. They tend to think that because they set the standards now in Social networking, which is true in a lot of aspects, they have to change things around every few months to make things better. What they are not realizing, is that they already were in the leading position to make and break the Social Networking market. Why change things that work already ?


  1. I didnt know Tom was on Facebook too..I thought it was just Myspace...I never did get into Myspace...except to listen to my Favorite singer do his karaoke....DAMN those people deleting all of them!!! I dont even go to Myspace anymore.

  2. Tom Anderson is Myspace not Facebook....You have no friends in Facebook until you accept or add them yourself. But like you, I did notice old Tom as a choice to add in GooglePlus!


  3. Jim, thanks. I realize that you are correct. I guess I have such a dislike for Myspace, that it is hard for me to remember that they even exist anymore. had a mental blockout on that one completly. Thanks again, theron