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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

leaving Comments

Ya know, it suddenly occured to me, that maybe, just maybe, the reason why nobody was leaving a post, was because they weren't sure just HOW to do it. If you look at the bottom of the comment box, you will see a little dropdown menu there.

You can select an email address, or just choose "Anonymous" option, and leave your name in the comment, unless you just dont want me to know who ya are. Either way is fine.
I am looking forward to the readers comments, and any suggestions to make this a better Blog.
Thanks for reading, theron


  1. I TOLD YOU SO!!!! I may be a ditzy blond but it was weird to have so many things to do just to LEAVE a comment.
    BUT since I love you it was worth all the work :D

  2. Yeah, pressing that little dropbox to choose "anonymous" can be a bit challenging.

  3. I have to try... Hurrayy! It worked! :)

  4. Trying once more.. Wow! It worked again!