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Friday, September 23, 2011

Coor's light and Anti-deppresant's

In this country, the pharmaceutical industries have been making a killing on Prescriptions, while the country goes deeper and deeper into debt. My solution is simple. A 6 pack of Coor's light costs around 7 dollar's a 6 pack, way cheaper than any anti-depressant out there on the market. Most of the alcoholics and drug abuser's in this country have been found to have some sort of chemical imbalance in their brain. By using drugs and alcohol, they are using a method called "self-medicating". What they are doing is slowing the brain down in order to think properly. I know, first hand that this works quite well, being an alcoholic myself, for many many years. You are able to reach a point where the alcohol makes you feel normal. When you dont have alcohol or drug's, you feel abnormal.
The pharmaceutical companies have been creating brain malfunctions for years now, and you have to wonder how we ever survived before this bombardment of drugs on the market were available. Sure, the quality of life has skyrocketed in the last 100 years, but this was during an era of no warning labels, and people still managed to survive. We live in a society of no accountability, and almost a faceless villian, with no boundaries. If Coor's were to market there light beer as an anti-deppresant, who would be their to stop them. WOuld we then have to lower the drinking age, and have the government medical aide paying for prescriptions. Where does it all stop ? More info here at

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  1. Shut up you dumb alcoholic. When are you going to learn that it is not without, but within that makes the man.