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Thursday, September 22, 2011

rejected article

Everything I learned in kindergarten, I know about writing, or, WTH is he talking about ?

Once upon a time, before scolars and smarter people than me, started writing about their thoughts and idea's, there once was a train of thought that a person was born with a certain talent,whatever that may be. From the time, in early childhood, when they picked up a pencil, quill or brush, everything that was spewed forth was golden, magically appearing on the pages as the mind flowed continously (A bit much?) with every ounce of golden text it could muster, until at the end, laying across the desk exhausted, chest heaving, mind swirling in a drunken stupor, they had created the perfect document.

But seriously, we have been brought up our entire lives, to believe this sort of idea, that somehow, as we stumble thru our day to day existence, that we will one day have an epiphany, and without any effort, find our talent, and start producing endless ideas and concepts and art, without any effort. isnt that tragic ?

I was having a discussion with my son Tony, just the other day about this very concept, and he had mentioned that he had not found his talent in life yet. I was astounded at the idea of this. As I thought back, I wondered myself, just what was my talent ? What was my calling ? I have many things that interest me, lots of things I enjoy, and yet, I had not cultivated any of them into a usable method of creating, that I could share with the world. I assume that this Blog is a result of that line of thought, so to pay credit where credit is due, I would have to thank tony for planting this idea, and helping me to find a creative outlet that i could use to express myself, and place my wrath upon the world, for future generations to scoff at, so THANKS A LOT TONY!!! But really.... As I sit back on this day, and wonder just what the heck I am going to write (Type) about today, that could possibly be useful to someone, somewhere, that conversation with my son came to mind, and I wondered, what a blog article about writing blog articles written as a blog article might look like. Ok redundency filter just went off on my computer.... As I though back on my life, I wondered just what was my talent, my purpose, my "gift" per se. I have always been good in the artistic sense, but never quite to the point that I created a masterpeice on the first run. But, had I really ever cultivated any of these talents, to really get good at one. I never was a child genius (insert big word here), although I was reading the newspaper by the time I hit Kindergarten (see the relevance to the title ?). I have always thought that maybe, for some unknown reason, I had missed the turnoff, and stumbled into the unknown, blowing brain cells out the open window all the way, like little silver bubbles, making delicate little popping sounds as they went thru.

Oh, just to change the subject, in that last paragraph i had placed a bracket reserved for a really big word, i think that word is "Prodigy", so go ahead and mark your spot, and insert it in their now. Go ahead, i will wait........

Ok, ya got it ? Good job, thank you.

I hate it when my mind wanders like that and i cant keep a straight thought in my head. it is really racing now, so i think the juices are starting to flow now. I could write about farts for a few paragraphs, if that helps, and would hold interest more. or how my buttocks seem to be getting flatter as I sit in this chair, typing all this out. Or we could do a survey on wether your poop floats or not. But really, what is the point to all this ?

The point is, just get out there, find something that works for you, and start doing it. You are never going to be good at anything until you start doing it, repetitively, over and over again, until your eyes cross. That is what I am doing, and the result is what your reading, so see, it works. Unless of course i'm getting worse at this. Off on another "Bunny trail(TM)"

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