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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wealthy affiliates

 Ok, after doing much research for the past couple of days, I have decided to go ahead and give this method a try. i have created the Blog, sgned up for the streetarticles sight, started writing again, and done most of the required steps. Lets see the cash start rolling in now.
  I stumbled across wealthyaffiliates a couple of days ago, on a ssight dedicated to online scams, and came across this site. It had pretty good reviews, so I thought, what the heck  ? As long as i dont have to put any money out, or give bank information, why not give it an honest try. So that is what i will be doing today, giving it an honest try.
 I hope to report in the the next few days wether or not their method works. One thing that I did like, is that they let you download a PDF file, with step by step instructions, to show you one method of making money. Then, once you see that it works, you are encouraged to join their site, which gives even more methods to make money. I will let ya know f it actually works or not.

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