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Friday, September 23, 2011

NASA says DUCK!!!

Yowzer's Batman, we have a peice of space junk plummeting at us at incredible speeds, what shall we do ?
I was just reading about this article on some of my favorite news sites, and was baffled as to why, in this day and age, that it is more important to clear up the space junk, than the people of our country. We already know that we dont come first, as is evidenced by the Trillions of dollars that go out to Foreign aid, while we are losing jobs and our economy is falling, while we try to find creative and knew ways to screw people over (we're getting really good at it, by the way). But at least when our country is broke, we will have clear skies once again right ?
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This Satellite coming at us is some really scary stuff though. But dont worry, because the biggest peice only weighs in at 300 Lbs. Never mind the fact that it is moving at 5 miles per a second, and will probably be sort of hot, since it just blasted thru the atmosphere and all, and they are only estimating that around 26 peices of it will actually hit us. With those sort of odds, maybe its time to head to Vegas right ?
The UARS, or Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite, was first launched by NASA (Not Another Stupid Acronym), in 1991 by the space shuttle Discovery. NASA shut it down in 2005 after lowering its orbit to hurry its demise. With a satellite-retrieval mission ruled out following the 2003 Columbia disaster, NASA did not want the satellite hanging around orbit posing a debris hazard.
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  1. You hit the nail right on the head!!

  2. Thanks teri, just my twisted views on the subject.