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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wealthy affiliates redux D'oh

Ok, I am now implementing a plan here, and going step by step thru the process of making tons and tons of money (not really0 thru their marketing plan. i know you just have to be getting tired of all this drivel, but just bare with me, for just a few more days, and we can experience this together, thru online marketing, taking it one step at a time. i know, i know, that it isnt going to make me rich, and most of these sites are scams, but what if...what if, there was at least ONE site out their that was legitimate, where an honest guy could make a few extra dollars, without worrying wether or not he was going to lose his shirt ?
That is where this blog comes in. I hope to compile a reasonable list of sites where a person can make a few extra bucks, without worrying about losing their hard earned cash.
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One of my favorites is still InboxDollars, as well as sendearnings, which are both owned by the same company. I also have a soft spot (besides the one on my head) for, although I have over twenty dollars worth of surveys that are still pending, after 6 days, and you cant pay-out until you reach at least twenty bucks. i am currently at eleven dollars, so once they are approved, i will ahve over thirty dollars that i made doing surveys. So far overall, the big winner here has been inboxdollars, where i have received two checks and close to getting a third.
Ok, thats all i have for now, thanks for reading, Theron

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