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Monday, December 3, 2012

Cobra 2000GTL CB base radio

 After a few days of working on the Cobra 2000 GTL base station i think i finally have the radio back under control. Was able to remove the channel modification that put it up above the regular CB channels, and put the original crystal back in its original place back on the board.
 It was an easy fix, since all that had been done was and extra crystal holder had been put in place of the tone control. This holder had 3 crystals in it. One thing that was done very poorly was that they had left the tone control inside just hanging with a little black tape around it. After the tone control was put back into place i also made the clarifier control locked again, so it couldn't go in between channels. Once i tuned it down to regular power output of 5W i was getting very good reports and the audio was nice and strong without being overmodulated.

 Now all that is left to do is an alignment and to replace a few lights. The meters are also stuck in one position so will have to figure that out as well.

 Time to get to work and make some money.

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