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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Occupy Wall street again

Been following the occupy Wall street activity, for the last week or so. I have found that although I can follow the concepts that they are trying to convey, it is still very frustrating that they do not have a clear message yet. How is it possible to blindly follow all of this, when you do not know where it is heading. People from all colors and idea's are in on this, and I feel that this could turn into a good thing, if the outcome means a better economy, and more jobs. While i have a soft spot for the cause, I still have things that I have to get done, and can not let the protest's occupy all my time (OccupyMyTime).
Another little pet peeve of mine, was the protest's group that is in Seattle. I had been following the IRC (Internet Relay Chat) channel on indymedia's servers, and had seen some things that just rubbed me the wrong way. One ,was that their is an aggressive group that are involved. These people stand a chance of undermining all the hard work that is being done in New York city, by painting the entire group as a bunch of radical, violent protestors. It is a shame that a small group can do this. Another thing that bothered me, was the whole tent issue. The Mayor of Seattle, had issued a statement, that he actually supported the activities happening in westlake, and that the solidarity movement was a good thing. All he asked was that, since other groups also had permit's to use the park they are occupying, that they take down the tents. Rather than working with the mayor, and finding some sort of compromise, they just refused to take the tents down. If they continue with their arrogance, they are going to lose the Mayors support, and possibly make the whole movement look like a bunch of extremist's, just looking for a fight, while whining about the state of the union.
Ok, enough of this subject, back to work I go. Thanks for reading. Theron


  1. the whole approach is occupy. there was discussion with the Mayor the options were not compatible with the goals of movement.

    Without the access of tents it is much harder to maintain involvement. Sleeping without cover in the cold wind and rain discourages the average person.

  2. I was just really surprised, that with the Mayor's support initially, that some sort of comprimise couldnt have been reached. I still like the idea of walking around with the signs, protesting and picking up garbage, for 30-60 miutes everyday. That would send a more positive message, and the city would be more willing to let you say what you want.

  3. theron, you are SPOT on. if only you could have been here the last few months to see how much more they've helped taint the cause.