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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Occupy Wall street

There is a Revolution going on in this country, and no one has seemed to notice. The Major networks are barely covering the story, and what does get posted is usually wrong.
this is a peaceful protest, going on in NY, and until Friday afternoon, i had not heard a single bit of news on the story. You have to wonder just why, with this big of a protest, why their isnt any media coverage. Is it because of the big corporations, who control the media, or something else. Not one word from the president, for or against any of this. Meanwhile, grassroots groups are forming all over the country.
We, the people, are fed up with the governments constant use of our tax dollars, funding wars and paying other nations, while we go broke. The main theme, is that we, the 99% who are going broke, are making the 1% of this nations richer. The 1% being the fat cats in big corporations, as well as wall street.
I am glad to see this happening in our country, and would like to see this mvement carry on, until we all unite, in peaceful protest, and take over. I would like to see it go even farther, but the likelyhood of that happening right now seem pretty bleak.
Here's to the people of New York, for standing up for all of us, while we sit in our heated homes, monitoring what is happening across this great nation.....Occupy Wall street!

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