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Thursday, October 6, 2011


Well, the occupy wall street has finally started to gain momentum, now that the Labor unions are behind the movement. I am surprised at the lack of information on the subject. I am goion to start an Occupy Port Angeles movement to support the people that are working all across this country, and to help spread the word.
The biggest problem i have, is that their is a lack of funds for me. Just getting into town to spread the word requires bus fare. And the cost of materials is another issue. i will be taking donation's at my PayPal account @, to help out.
Thanks for reading this, Theron


  1. Even if you can donate just bus fare, that would be a tremendous help. Thank you.

  2. Great Work! Glad to see someone in PA trying to make a difference! Get the Blaze Started! Make it spread like fire throughout Clallam County!!! Try to push it into Sequim, Port Townsend Etc...... Stand Together As One And We Can Make A Difference!!!!

  3. It is amazing at how unaware people in this county are, of what is really happening. They just see the OWWS as a group of young radicals whining and trying to change things.
    thank you for the support. Theron

  4. be sure to check in at
    and lets get this started. I cant raise the funds to do this alone.

  5. Check out Occupy Port Angeles on Facebook. The first GA has occurred and plans have been made to Meet 11AM Saturday 10/15 in concordance with the rest of the world, it seems. at 12PM we will March to chase bank the federal building and B of A, returning to Veteran's Park on Lincoln street. We hope to have enough people to occupy the space until we see change. While i appreciate your need to accept donations for bus fare, we are seeming to be able to make this happen for nearly free at this time (charge for a permit aside). If you would like to organize donations for occupy Port Angeles as a group, i believe you should bring that up at the next GA (10/15 Veterans park)