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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas and Homebrew beer -- Life is good

Well, here we are coming up on the weekend, and i am going crazy, waiting for christmas eve so we can crack open the homebrewand try it out. We took samples last night, from a bottle above the stove, and it was really good. Still had a real light sugary taste to it, and just a bit cloudy, but by next weekend it should be great, and just in time for Christmas Eve. We will have to really set the mood just right, with candles and a small fire in the fireplace, and then just sit back, relax and sip on our first succesful homebrew beer.

I almost feel like a little kid again, waiting for santa to come down the chimney.

The other exciting bit, is that i was able to get Teri a really nice present this year, something she wanted, and will really enjoy. i am so excited, I dont know if i will be able to wait till christmas to give it to her. This is goin to be a good christmas. Even if we dont have a lot of money, and fancy gifts, we have each other, and a roof over our heads, and full bellies. thank you Lord for the great gifts YOU have given us this Holiday season.


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  1. It is so exciting how it is all coming together... Last Christmas wasnt great if you were hoping for a present around here BUT we did have each other, a place to live and food to eat...
    I find myself getting excited // as usual I have high hopes for a wonderful day... CHRISTMAS!!! WOW.. I cant believe how fast it came this year.