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Thursday, December 15, 2011

HomeBrew beer

As some of you know, i have been attempting to homebrew
my own beer for the last year now. Most of the time, it has been so god awful of a brew, that it couldnt be drank, and had to be poured out. I have altered the recipes with each batch, and made changes, some good, some not.

It originally comes in a kit, with a little plastic keg, and the ingredients needed to mix in. I have gone from this simple method, to adding a second stage of brewing, in a 5 gallon glass jar, with an airlock on top. have also purchased a hydrometer, so I can make measurements of the ABV% in each stage. I switched to a 2 stage brewing process, but was still getting just too much sugar in the mix. This last batch, i didnt add any sugar to the batch when it was bottled, and it is the best one so far. it has a light golden color to it, with a decent taste. the other change I made was where it was being stored. I was putting the keg's under the bathroom sink for a while, then switched to under the kitchen sink. It was just getting too cold in the bathroom for things to ferment properly. This last batch, i actually put the bottles above the stove, and this is the best one yet. That confirms that the major thing that was wrong was that it was just too cold for the sugars to ferment, leaving a sugary/ sweet taste to the beers, even after the yeast was done processing.

I am SO excited to try this batch, and plan on putting it in the fridge in a week, so we can have it ready for christmas.

For more information on Homebrewing your own beer, be sure to put this guide! on your christmas list.
thanks for reading, Theron

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  1. The color really looks great Theron! And the taste is a whole lot better than it has been... it even has some fizz!!!
    I can hardly wait to see how it turns out!