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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Well, this is just dandy

Well, finally was able to get the office all setup , and rolling smoothly now. I have a nice big desk with lots of room for all my junk, with things laid out to be ergonomically correct, and the last detail is to find a good keyboard that I can practice my poor typing skill's on.
One thing that I am doing, is honestly treating this whole project as a 8-5 job, which means getting up BEFORE work, getting coffee in me, getting dressed, and showing up at the desk by 8AM. I hope that by doing this, that I can create a momentum to be more successful at this, and start earning more money.
Between the Google Ad Sense, driving traffic to my site, posting links on every forum i can fin on a particular subject, and selling things on E-bay, that I should be pretty busy the next few months, as I build up my online presence, ans start generating more income. One of the ultimate goals of this project, is to get to the point where Teri can quit working altogether, and just live off the income that I make. How cool would that be ? It would be like a thousand Christmas days all rolled up into one.
be sure to leave comments, and any idea's for subject matter, in the comments section.
Thanks for reading, Theron

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